Fly... High...guided by the Eagle’s Eye.  
Don’t hesitate.
Create from the TRUTH of who you are.
Soar higher, kinder, wiser. Become who you are meant to be.
There is so much to explore beyond the shores of your fears.
Unleash the wild. Unleash the care. Unleash the passion. Unleash.
You are a wild child. Now, be a love child. They are wise together.
Surrender. Be tender. Be LOVE. Be ONE.

Artwork by Sandra Bernier
Writings by Anastasia Magdalena
Intro music "Aho" by Ara Lee

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Natasha on

Hello Beautiful Creatrixes,
It was so wonderful to meet you both this weekend and now I see the vision of the poem read outloud and the drawing featured together like this, it’s so powerful! So inspiring!
Much love to you both,

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